The Portal

After many years of preparation, the "Gundert Portal" digitisation project was launched in January 2016. Since then, with the support of the DFG (German Research Foundation), printed and handwritten source material from the estate of Hermann Gundert and his immediate surroundings has been scanned, partially transcribed in cooperation with Indian partners and made publicly accessible.

The Hermann Gundert estate at Tübingen university library contains printed and lithographed books and pamphlets in Malayalam, Kannada, Tulu, Tamil, Telugu, Sanskrit and other languages, Indian manuscripts including several palm-leaf manuscripts, copies of texts and notebooks in various languages by Hermann Gundert and his missionary colleagues.

On this portal we have included all 19th century works in South Indian languages that are in the holdings of the University Library, even if they were not strictly speaking from the Gundert legacy. English and German material written by Gundert and his closest colleagues was also added.